Partner Integration - Process Overview

In order to participate as a Dispatch delivery provider, you must have an API that Dispatch can contact to retrieve delivery quotes and schedule deliveries. This page describes the process for integrating with Dispatch at a high level.


Interested in joining the Dispatch network?

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Step one for getting a Dispatch integration started is establishing a shared API key that we can use to communicate between your delivery management system and Dispatch. We use HTTP Authorization headers to carry this identifying data.

Sandbox Environment

To start out, you will be given access to a sandbox environment available to help test your integration.

Webhooks to Dispatch

In addition to providing an API that implements the documented endpoints, the delivery provider is responsible for calling the Dispatch API to provide status updates at various milestones in the delivery process, and to pass updated location and ETA info every 30 seconds.

There is also an endpoint in the Dispatch API that may be used by the delivery provider to cancel a delivery if the delivery cannot be fulfilled.

You will be given instructions for how to configure outbound messages from your system to communicate these updates to Dispatch.


Once your integration is ready, you can apply to have it certified by our staff. We will provide a set of different delivery scenarios that could occur in live operation: a successful delivery, a cancellation, problems communicating with the server, etc. When you can demonstrate that your service performs in an acceptable fashion for all these scenarios, you'll be certified to operate in our production environment. At that point, you can begin taking delivery orders as a member of our provider network!