Dispatch - Service Overview

The Olo Dispatch API acts as a delivery provider broker, contacting and comparing quotes from multiple participating delivery providers. This allows ordering partners to offer expansive delivery coverage to their customers without needing to integrate with multiple delivery providers.


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Process Flow

The basic process flow for Dispatch is:

  • Orderer requests a quote from Dispatch
  • Dispatch requests quotes from all Delivery Providers that cover the area
  • Dispatch returns matching quote to Order

At this point the quote is presented to the customer. Should they choose to accept the quote:

  • Orderer accepts quote from Dispatch
  • Dispatch accepts quote from Delivery Provider

At the appropriate time:

  • Delivery Provider begins the delivery
  • Delivery Provider updates Dispatch on the status of the delivery as it progresses
  • Dispatch updates Orderer on delivery status

The delivery is completed and the customer enjoys their food!


Alternate Flow - Orderer Cancel

Sometimes it may be necessary for the Orderer to cancel a delivery. For example, the customer may have changed their mind or the store runs out of a product.

In these cases:

  • Orderer asks Dispatch to cancel the delivery
  • Dispatch asks Delivery Provider to cancel the delivery
  • Delivery Provider responds indicating if the cancel was successful


Cancellations can fail

Orderer cancels may not always succeed. For example, the delivery may have already been delivered. Additionally, canceled deliveries may still incur delivery fees.

Alternate Flow - Delivery Provider Cancel

Deliveries don't always go as planned. Sometimes your vehicle breaks down or the customer can't be found. In these cases, the Delivery Provider needs to let everyone else know that the delivery cannot be completed.

When a delivery can't be completed:

  • Delivery Provider tells Dispatch the delivery has been canceled
  • Dispatch notifies the Orderer that the delivery has been canceled